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Book Design & Typesetting

Book Design & Layout

Whether your book is a complex educational publication with many heading levels, text features and page designs, a novel requiring an eye-catching cover, or an ebook full of images and needing interactivity, DiZign can take your project from raw manuscript to the final product. We not only design books from cover to cover, we also typeset and layout pages, create illustrations and diagrams, source relevant images and provide whatever support we can to ensure your book project is a success. And when it is time to go to press, DiZign guarantees that files sent to the printer will be problem-free, alleviating unwanted costs and delays. We can even organise the printing and shipping.

Technical & Mathematical Typesetting

DiZign specialises in complex, technical typesetting. We have support for various Math languages and equation editors including PowerMath and MathType, and even the historical York’s Xmath in QuarkXpress. To avoid the introduction of errors, existing author equations are never rekeyed. Instead we convert existing equations into a consistent and visually appealing format to complement page designs. Most maths formats can be converted to ASCII code and rebuilt within InDesign, with equations remaining fully editable. We also offer ‘round tripping’ of content: once the project is complete, we can supply the content back to you in MSWord, for the next edition of your publication.

Custom Font Design

Have you ever wanted your handwriting as a font? Do you have a series of symbols and characters that you use regularly, and wish were all conveniently gathered in one typeface? DiZign can create beautiful, functional fonts (opentype, postscript or truetype) custom made for use in your project.

At DiZign we love efficiency, and custom fonts are particularly useful when typesetting long documents such as catalogues, manuals, magazines and books. Repetitive, single colour symbols and pictures can be transformed into a custom typeface to replace the drudgery of copying and pasting images. We have used these in typesetting cross-stitch patterns and symbols for mapping and catalogues.

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