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Photo Restoration & Retouching

Photo Restoration

Your publication may include treasured photos that have been damaged over time and that you would like restored to their former quality. Whether the image needs minor or major restoration work, DiZign is able to assist.

Minor restoration may include removing red-eye, removing scratches and spots, or improving your picture’s brightness, contrast or enhancing colours. Major restorative work may include repairing damage caused by stains, scratches, mildew or moisture, reconstructing damaged or even missing image detail, or fixing faded or discoloured images.

We can also colourise old black and white photos, bringing the images to life. When colourising photos, we custom create an appropriate colour palette to sensitively transform your black and white images to colour.

Photo Retouching

Do you have photos that are too dark and hiding detail, or are looking a bit green or yellow or have some other colour cast? Do you have an image with unwanted or distracting detail? Before you give up and discard the image, contact us. As part of your publication we can correct images for colour, contrast and balance, to bring out the best in pictures. We can also apply photo manipulation techniques to modify image details, to remove or add in an image feature, or perhaps change or remove backgrounds. Specific items in images can also be isolated from the surrounding picture. This technique is often used when creating photo montages, bringing various components together in one image.

DiZign also offer a photo and slide digitisation service along with our photo restoration and retouching work. For a discussion of how DiZign may help you in your project, please contact us.

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