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Corporate Design

Corporate Brochures & Long Documents

Consider us to produce your next corporate brochure, annual report, prospectus or other long document. At DiZign, we are not only concerned about the aesthetic appeal of your document, we also care that the content is presented clearly and accurately, and that any deadlines are met comfortably and within budget. Sometimes data and information can change at the last minute with corporate documents, and that’s okay. Our workflow ensures that such information is updated seamlessly by linking data with our page layout, so that accuracy and efficiency are maintained until project completion. You will experience peace of mind when you place projects with DiZign.

Magazines & Catalogues

We understand that in addition to an amazing design, organising and managing content is pivotal to successful magazine and catalogue production. So we have developed workflows and methods to remove inefficiency and drudgery, leaving more time for creativity. Product numbers and codes are linked to databases where possible, so the layout document is updated with the latest information. Carefully designed colour libraries, typographic styles and graphic styles are utilised to aid work efficiency and consistency. Images are colour-corrected and checked using our colour-calibrated monitors and proofing devices, avoiding unwanted colour surprises with the final product.

Technical Manuals & Document Templates

Let DiZign assist you in producing your next manual or handbook with our extensive experience in technical typesetting and illustration. Do you have complex content layout requirements? No problem. Do you require technical diagrams? Our speciality. We will go the extra mile to ensure your publication is functional, user-friendly and attractively presented. We can also create elegant and functional document templates and forms if you prefer the document to be worked on within your organisation. Our overriding goal is efficiency and consistency, and developing ways to improve productivity and workflow for your organisation, as well as ours.

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